Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning Time

How did my house get so dirty?  Was it just the burst of sunlight with all the blinds open today that revealed what was there all along?  Or did we have a dust storm that I wasn't aware of?  I have a satellite TV person coming to upgrade to HD today, so I got behind the TV.  Arrrrgh!  Could plant a garden there!  Makes me really not want to move any other furniture.  Then there are the blinds, the windows, the curtains.... Well spring is here and having been so rudely awakened to this dirty secret, I must dust!  On the other hand...

Dust if You Must
~author unknown~

Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be better
To paint a picture, or write a letter,
Bake a cake, or plant a seed;
Ponder the difference between want and need?
Dust if you must, but there's not much time,
With rivers to swim, and mountains to climb;
Music to hear, and books to read;
Friends to cherish, and life to lead.
Dust if you must, but the world's out there
With the sun in your eyes, and the wind in your hair;
A flutter of snow, a shower of rain,
This day will not come around again.
Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
Old age will come and it's not kind.
And when you go (and go you must)
You, yourself, will make more dust.
Remember, a house becomes a home when you can write
"I love you" on the furniture.....

...I like that person!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love this. And it's just what I needed to hear to help me get off this computer and out there to do something that resembles LIVING LIFE. Thanks~!

    p.s. love this blog!