Saturday, October 5, 2013

Comfort Zones

This expresses my thoughts on Windows 8 (in addition to a few more that are unprintable)! Is this related to aging? Or is it just a price we must all pay for change? When do the benefits of change fail to outweigh the inconveniences and brain fatigue? Well, OK, moving on... I did finally figure out where my desktop is (on that crazy start up app page). Haven't had access to my email on the new computer since I got it set up two weeks ago though, and haven't got a photo editing program yet. I just unloaded a roomful of defunct PC parts and equipment and now have another crashed laptop and desktop to dispose of.

On a more positive note, I find myself spending less time on the computer. I have to use my son's laptop for email and solitaire and my new one for online games and such. I did get a new Wi-Fi device and figured out how to set it up all by myself! Even got a new book downloaded from Amazon and into my iPad! Yay!

It's hard to believe I've let this blogging go for about a year. I just retired from some online volunteer work that I did for 3 hours every other Sunday evening for about 4 years. I need to establish some other habit to add a little structure outside of my day to day life. Maybe getting back to doing this at least weekly would be a good idea. It does force me to think beyond the ordinariness of just existing. I've lost my creativity in the past year. Maybe it was too many crises or maybe just coasting along between them that made me so dull. Whatever the reason, I need to wake up and do something about it. Having to use my brain with the new computer and Windows 8 may have been just the spark I needed to make that move out of my comfort zone!