Monday, March 28, 2011

Blank Days

Ever feel "blank"?  The past two weeks have been like that here.  Life has been just a series of everyday activities with a bit extra thrown in.  Had visitors from out of town and helped Mom move more belongings to the nursing home.  So first there wasn't a good time to blab in my blog, then the "blankness" descended.

In spite of the ordinariness of this time, I am still very much reminded about change, not always as positive as I'd like.  Old pains are becoming worse and a new med was prescribed.  Cost would have been $185 per month, so I decided against it.  Chose to resume an older prescription (also for the same thing), but stopped that due to side effects.  So now I'm looking for more non-chemical means.

Part of that will be mental, so I'm back to looking for things to really appreciate in life each day.  One thing I've discovered about retirement is that it's just too easy to lose a grip on a sense of purpose.  I didn't want to get up this a.m. although I was awake long before my body or mind wanted to get out of bed.  My dog's whimpers got me up, then I had to make myself do the morning routines.

So here I am ready to fill my "blank" day.  I have so many "should do's" that it's paralyzing to think about them.  I need to pick one, and get back on track.  Structure and motivation - I need you!  Or a kick in the pants would do.  Or I could just sit here and ramble on all day....  Naw, gotta get moving.  The sun is shining and it's not snowing.  Too cold to plant and can't dance, so I'll find something else.  I'll let you know how it works out.  ..."yawn"


  1. Good Morning Roberta,
    Yes, I have blank days...
    Structure and motivation! I hear ya!

    Volunteering in your community will bring a new sense of purpose.
    Or taking a 'fun' class, maybe knitting or quilting, etc.

    That's what I've done, spent more time quilting.

    Too cold for planting at our house too, although the tulips I planted last spring are peeping out of the ground now and I can see them from my craft room window..

    Raising my cup o'tea to you this sunny day in the comraderie of retirement-hood!

    Anna Sue

  2. My problem lately is i have almost completely blank days M-F while at work. Concentration and motivation are history around here. I need a new job so much!