Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Journey

Well maybe not new, but further than I've ever gone before.  Today marks my two year anniversary of not smoking!  I quit with the aid of Chantix and, two of the most powerful resources around in my opinion.  I still visit quitnet and have many friends and acquaintances there.  The support is amazing.  On significant milestones and anniversaries there is a lot of celebrating together and encouragement to continue.  Smoking is a powerful addiction and I will have to stay vigilant against a relapse the rest of my life.  On major anniversaries on quitnet we are encouraged to write a "ramble".  Of course with my gabby nature I did just that today, and will include parts of it here.

"I've had surprising rash of smoking "thoughts" the past couple of weeks.  They're not compelling at all, but this still occurs now and then even after 2 years smoke free.  It's nothing intense though, just a bit annoying and easy to brush off.  Big anniversaries and milestones seem to trigger some introspection.  Then I just duck and cover, running back to the Q!  Works every time to get the right angle on my thinking.

I've been marching through unfamiliar territory the last 6 months, never having been quit this long before.  Can't expect a 47 year, 2-3 ppd habit to just go poof.  I'm amazed that it has even been possible to quit having failed so many times before.  The quitnet tradition includes various cyber rewards for anniversaries and milestones.  The Golden Boot award is for 2 years smoke free, and with it I intend to keep on kickin' ash as they say!" 

So that's the "big" thing in my life at the present time.  I love being smoke free for so many reasons.  I can't begin to tell you how many years and how hard I struggled to quit!  Whew!  Never over, but always getting better at it. If I were able, I'd love to kick up my heels and dance a jig to celebrate! 

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