Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eagle Watch

Guess I have some "peeping tom" tendencies, but so do thousands of others!  Last year I kept tabs on a pair of nesting eagles on the northwest coast.  Sadly only one of two eggs hatched and even more sadly the eaglet reached about one day from fledging and was overcome by a virulent  respiratory infection.  I watched him take his last breath.  Then watched as a specialist retrieved his body from the nest.

Well, regardless of that sad experience, I am delighted with the clear view we have of a nesting pair near Decorah, Iowa this year.  There are 3 eggs in the nest with Mom and Pop taking turns keeping them safe and warm.  The first is due to hatch about March 31 to April 2, then the others at about 2 day intervals.  I love watching them a bit each day, and there's even and infrared camera at night.  Just thought I ought to share it here.

Happy eagle watching!

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