Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Do I like change or not?  Well, if it's something good, sure I like it.  Mostly I'd rather be in control and only change things when it suits me.  But....  well you know and I know that "being in control" thing eludes us at times.  It seems to be a lot more elusive the older I get.  Mostly that applies to physical changes, but also to habits.

Lately I've been wondering when I changed from an avid reader to one who nods off in the first minutes of opening a book or a magazine.  I think I pinned it down to the time I got my son as a foster child at age 2 months.  Working full time and caring for him, the house and the yard required change.  (There's that word again.)  Out went the hobbies and the reading.  Well, that was in 1979.

Now I've decided I really want to read again.  Got some books from my sister and finally did manage to get a few read.  Then I got an iPad.  Took several months to really get going with it, but now I love it.  It has the lighted page and I can adjust the font size and really zip right along.  

So am I back in control and changing that in my life?  I got so absorbed in a spy thriller that I read until 4 a.m. yesterday morning!  I only quit because I finished the book and my vision was totally blurred!  Had to have a nap yesterday afternoon, and it will likely take several weeks for me to be able to sleep at night again.  But it was like old times!  I used to do that once in a while and still work all day.  Yep, feels good and I plan to keep that change!

This is the day the Lord has made!  Rejoice and be glad in it!  (... even if you didn't sleep well)

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