Monday, August 1, 2011

Mom's Memory Lane

These last few weeks and months have been another turning point or bump in the road. Mom has been living in a care center since a serious fall last November. She has gradually decided to stay there permanently. She moved from a double to a private room and we've slowly been moving some of her possessions in. Working out storage solutions for them in the small room has been a challenge.

Now her house has been sold, so all sorting and decisions have to be somewhat final. 88 years of memories are involved, not just material things. I'm finding that she was like me in saving memorabilia. Going through all her elementary, high school and teaching records, cards, photos, recipes, etc. has been time consuming, and there is still much more to do. But it's also something else that's difficult to describe. Fun isn't the right word, but it is a pleasant, sometimes misty eyed journey back in time before and after I was part of her life. She saved so many things that jog memories which would have otherwise been lost in the scramble of today's hectic living. Mom has already lost many of the memories too, and I'm happy that some come back as we sift through her treasures.

So ends my own de-cluttering project for now. I'm actually accumulating more stuff. *Sigh* But it will all work out. Someday someone may have to travel down my memory lane when I can no longer keep the material mementos of what was once so important to me.

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