Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memory Lane

Ever get lost on memory lane for a whole day? Rummaging through photos here has me shutting the door on the "shoulds" again. I "should" be continuing my de-cluttering project, but I'm not. So there! hehe

My 50 year high school class reunion will be next summer, so I began by looking through old photos and found some laughable ones.
Freshman initiation was a sort of rite of passage back in 1958. This was before the paranoia about "bullying" and "hazing" set in. Or maybe there just wasn't the mean spirited behavior back then. Anyway, we girls in the class of '62 had to wear a man's slicker, 5 buckle overshoes (or maybe it was plow shoes) on the wrong feet, pincurls on one side of the head, a tall dunce cap and a green spot in the middle of our forehead, and carry an umbrella. We were given a verse to recite and had to carry a rug to kneel and pay homage to the lofty seniors who demanded it. This lasted a week and the last evening parents and everyone gathered in the gym for an initiation ceremony. There each freshman was given some funny or demeaning task to perform. I had to put a boy's hair up in pincurls. 1958 was the height of the long greasy ducktailed hair. YUCK!

I guess in today's lingo this is me and my BFF's in ye olde DIY photo booth.

This isn't a sign of senility is it?

I mean it's not like I'm living in the past...

(to be continued - I have miles to go here)

Wandering off to find some lunch... hmmm

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