Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Ever get on a winding endless trail of trivia on the net? I can blow a huge whole in a day doing that sometimes. This morning I started browsing through page after page of interesting lacy items on Etsy with the thought of gathering ideas for using and selling my crocheted lace. That led to googling for free patterns, which is always an addictive behavior for me, and eats away the hours. (Kinda recall doing that yesterday too.)

Then I finally broke away to go clean another flower bed, but was soon back to check the latest news (you know, just in case some world shaking event occurred while I was away from my pc for a whole hour)! I read an article with the word 'eponymous' in it, so of course I had to look that up. Then that opened up another batch of fun things to do.

BTW, just so you know, eponymous means giving one's name to a tribe, place, etc., example: Romulus, the eponymous founder of Rome. And then I found another good one! Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia = fear of long words. (Another obscure word that means the same is sesquipedalophobia)

So now you cognize that! Aren't you glad you got your trivia fix for the day without hours and hours on your pc? :O) One of these days my mind is going to wander so far off course it won't find it's way back. But it sure is fun traveling in cyberland. Just wish someone would scurryfunge my house while I'm away! (hehe - now you can look that up)

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