Monday, June 27, 2011

Retirement Plan B

1998 Picture it. Nurse looks forward to retirement and makes plans.
Plan A: Develop an eBay business after retirement to sell collectibles, crafts and other items.
Step 1 - Save all packing materials and boxes.
Step 2 - Buy any items that look good for resale at a profit later.
Step 3 - Stock up on all craft and needlework supplies to use after retiring.
Step 4 - Store said items wherever space is available.
Step 5 - Launch said business upon retirement from nursing.
~fast forward to 2011~ (well not too fast)
Plan B: Scrap plan A since it has been 5 1/2 years since retirement and there is no inclination whatsoever to do business on eBay or do crafts and needlework on that scale.
Step 1 - Spend the next week clearing moldy packing materials out of basement. (wear mask)
Step 2 - Haul said packing materials to dump.
Step 3 - Re-cycle cleaner cardboard boxes.
Step 4 - Spend the next year clearing collectibles and stuff saved out of storage.
Step 5 - Dispose of said collectibles and junk any way possible. (3rd pickup load about ready for donation. ? to go)

It's good to have goals and plans.

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  1. How did you get a hold of my retirement plan? As I read this blog, I felt as though I had written it.